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Papa Louie online flash games are a very popular, and fun, way to learn. These free flash games are played from your browser, no additional hardware required! These games were developed by game greats Flipline Studios, and are great for those who love adventure, fun, and food! You will learn time management, math skills and organization techniques as you play, but don’t worry, you will never notice that you are learning, that is how much fun these games are!

Some of the top The Impossible Quiz Online flash games include: Cupcake, which is probably the most popular. In Cupcakeria, players will make cupcakes! The Cupcakeria just opened, and it is very popular. And today, you are working all alone, no help in sight. The customers have some odd orders for you to fill, and you have to do so as quickly as possible. There are four cupcake stations to master: The Order Station, The Batter Station, The Bake Station, and probably the most fun, The Build Station, where you will get to frost and decorate your creations. One tip is to build a loyal customer base so that you can level up. There are over a hundred menu items and eighty customers to learn about and master, so this is a challenging, but fun, Cupcakes game!

Papa Louie 2, When Burgers Attack! is another Play Online Duck Life 4 great game. In this flash game, you will be a hardworking fast food worker when suddenly…your business is attacked and your customers kidnapped! You must work hard to save them. As you save the customers, you can become them, as some of them have special powers that you will want to assume. This is a very cool game filled with different lands, bright colors and 28 different customers, keeping the game fresh and new each time you play it. Level five is tough, be on the lookout for all five worms! The last one is well hidden…just a tip: Look down!

Papa’s Pizzeria was the first of all the Play Run 3 Unblocked Free games. In this one, players will want to fight off the evil Pizza Monsters! The pizzas at Papa’s party were suddenly transformed into monsters by the terrible Onion Rings. Use your pizza paddles and all the Pepper Bombs that you can in order to destroy those Pizza Monsters and rescue all of Papa’s customers! One trick is to get more tips from your customers to raise your rank!

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Papa’s Hot Doggeria is another great ‘food-based’ adventure game in which players will want to head to opening day of baseball season, only to find that it’s sold out. The only way to see the Tunnel Rush Game now is to work game day, for your friend Papa Louie. However, you will soon find that you are super busy, serving up drinks and dogs for customers. Can you do it? Can you serve all these people and still make it to the Home Run Derby?

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